Salvia-kit Dashboard v4
Salvia-kit Dashboard v9

I decided to separate components and dashboard templates in two different websites in order not to overload this one. So I created Salvia-kit where you can find beautiful dashboards, totally free, built with Tailwind CSS.

Salvia-kit provides 8 dashboards templates for React (create-react-app), Next.js, Svelte, Vue(vite.js) and Nuxt. Each dashboard contains detailed documentation for each technology. They are fully customizable.

No vendor lock-in

Salvia-kit is created to solve a problem I often encountered when using dashboards owned by third party developers or companies. that is vendor lock-in.

These dashboards often contained many configurations with several scripts, which still did not allow to export them and integrate them easily into an existing project. Therefore, it was always necessary to use the repository provided by the owner of the dashboard.

This is what motivated me to create dashboards that can be easily integrated into existing projects with simple, readable code and documentation designed for developers.